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About Puriflo

Founded in 1994, Puriflo have over 18 years experience in providing waste water treatment solutions for the food processing industry. The white water generated by Puriflo DAF systems is safe, consistently delivered and among the best available. Disposal of industrial waste water is a growing challenge and for many manufacturers in the food and beverage sector, its ..


Puriflo DAF Systems

Puriflo specialises in Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) employing established, proven technology. We have many distinct design advantages over our competitors.

We also provide a range of the latest and most appropriate technologies to solve the many waste water treatment problems that affect industry today to ensure waste water is discharged safely, cost effecti..


Our Services

Our team’s long history of expertise in the industrial treatment of waste water ensures that we will always select the most appropriate process to meet strict Water Authority and Environmental Agency requirements. Technologies and plant layout are always treated as individual to the customer. Installation and commissioning completes the package...