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The Puriflo DAF System

Puriflo Dissolved Air Flotation plants come in a number of standard sizes. For example with a flotation area of 4.0m by 1.0m, 4.0m by 2.0m, 6.0m by 2.0m etc. They are all packaged units which are piped, wired and tested in the Puriflo workshop prior to delivery to site. They only require a feed pipe, a discharge pipe, a sludge pipe, connection to chemical tanks and a power supply. Full commissioning and instruction of plant operators is carried out. Operation and maintenance manuals are comprehensive and contain daily and weekly check lists.

Advantages of the Puriflo DAF System

Our innovative design means that there are several advantages to the Puriflo DAF system:

Visibility at all times

Open Topped Reaction Tanks means the whole of the chemical treatment process is visible at all times and if for any reason performance falls off it is immediately obvious to the operator. This is a distinct contrast to competitor waste water systems which use a ‘coil pipe flocculator’ where nothing can be seen. If the chemical process fails for any reason, it is not apparent until 30 or 40 minutes later when the quality of final discharge falls off.

No operator adjustment required

Another key feature of the DAF plant design is that the operator has nothing to adjust. Again competitive systems especially those of the ‘coil pipe flocculator’ type which employ a multiplicity of needle valves to inject white water at various points in the pipe coil are at a disadvantage as they will require some operator intervention.

Fully guarded scrapers

Puriflo’s DAF scraper mechanism is fully guarded and wholly complies with CE and Health and Safety regulations.
Some European equipment, although partially guarded, bears the CE certification but might not fully comply.

Rectangular tanks

Puriflo’s rectangular tanks ensure complete removal of floated sludge unlike some competitor circular tanks where dead spots can form at the centre. Puriflo’s design means full width blades are fitted to the scraper, which travel the full length of the tank, thus there are no dead spots.